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Pokemon Porn Story: Dawn and ash a night of passion (English)

Pokemon Porn Story: Dawn and ash a night of passion (English)

Hi, I saw this story and noticed it was in spanish, so i copy pasted it into google translater and got this. DISCLAIMER I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY! I AM TRANSLATING THE ORIGANAL STORY!

One-shot: Ash and Dawn: a night of passion

Narrator: While they’re here in Shinnou League final, where Ash and his opponent, est na finish the last point of the final battle, as each one o’clock ET n to get his last pokemon, see what happens …

Ash: Well you’re my last hope as that [throwing a pokeball] salt Buizel.
Buizel, bui, bui.
Jun: Buizel as they have, good [throwing a pokeball] I’ll choose Empoleon.
Empoleon: prriii.
Referee: begin!
Jun: Empoleon uses fine bubble beam!

Empoleon made his attack, but then ordered Buizel Ash dodging it, which accomplishment.

Jun: go Ash, you Buizel is very fast.
Ash: [voice growing da] that I know.

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