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Pokemon Porn Story: horny Lyra And Sexy dawn pt2

Pokemon Porn Story: horny Lyra And Sexy dawn pt2

Lyra and Brock were walking back from the pokecenter when all of sudden Lyra’s pussy just started cum from the vibrator she put in it earlier.

Lyra are u ok. Brock

Yea just fine. Lyra

then lyra moaned as she came

Lyra r u sure your ok.

No i really want a real dick lyra blurted out

uh uh uh brock didnt know what to say

just then lyra ripped clothes off to reveal a huge vibrator in pussy and ass

she took it out and begged brock to bang her

Brock was all to happy to oblige

he started ramming her pussy so hard Lyra came right away and began moaning like crazy.


ash started to ram dawns pussy and dawn too was a virgin so she came right away too.

to b continued…

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Pokemon Porn Story: pOKEPUB

Pokemon Porn Story: pOKEPUB

Magneton! Use spark now!
Magna! Magneton slammed into Winona’s Altaria with an electrical charge in midair, knocking it unconscious.
Altaria! Winona cried out as her Pokon fell to the ground. She ran over to it to make sure it was okay.
Ico jumped up, thrusting his fist into the air. Yes! Great job Magneton!
The Pokon looked very pleased with itself. Magna, mag! It continued looking happy even as Ico returned it to its pokeball.
Hmm well done Ico. Winona returned Altaria to its pokeball before approaching Ico. You’ve earned this badge. She held out her hand, presenting the young trainer with the Feather Badge.
Ico took it eagerly. All right! Two more to go!
Humph. The Gardevoir floating next to him looked unhappy.
You didn’t use me once during that fight.
Well between Skarmory’s defense and Magneton’s offence, there was no need to put you in any danger.
I would have been fine and you know it.
What are you doing? Winona looked at the two of them with a confused expression.
Nothing! We should get going. Ico and Gardevoir hurried out of the gym. She still looked unhappy with him even after getting outside.
Ico hated it when Gardevoir was angry with him. Alright look, now that we have the Feather Badge, Skarmory can take us anywhere we want. You pick the place and we’ll go. Ico grabbed her around the waist. And we can do anything you want there.
Anywhere and anything? Gardevoir liked this idea. She put her arms around his neck. How about we return to that little base you made? Her voice was becoming more seductive as she talked and was getting her face very close to Ico’s. It’s been a while since we’ve spent time together, just the two of us.
Ico smiled. That sounds like a wonderful idea. Ico kissed Gardevoir briefly, and then let out his Skarmory. Could you take us to the secret base I made?
Skarmory nodded. Skar. Ico and Gardevoir climbed onto his back and he took off flying. It took almost no time at all before they reached the entrance of his base that was well hidden in the bushes. When they landed Ico put Skarmory back into the ball.
. Now where was that Ico was messing around in the plant, searching for the opening. Here we go. He pushed the brush apart, revealing a large hole. He held out a hand to Gardevoir; she took it and the two of them entered. It was surprisingly large inside, the walls and ceiling were made of tightly coiled vines and the floor was completely covered in leaves. It was a simple set up inside due to Ico’s lack of money, but he had been able buy a two chairs, a few Pokon dolls, a mat, and a bed. (The bed was a bit worn due to overuse) Ico closed the opening behind them.
All right then Gardevoir Ico was already taking his clothes off. What do you want to do?
I would like to try something a little different. Gardevoir was already sitting on the bed; anxiously waiting for her human lover to be ready.
Different like how?
I want you inside me.
Ico looked at her with confusion. That’s no different; I get inside you quite often.
No, what I mean is Gardevoir paused for a second. Turn around and close your eyes for a moment, I can show you what I mean.
The now naked Ico did as Gardevoir wanted. Okay just tell me when you’re ready. There was a very strange noise behind him; if he didn’t trust Gardevoir so much, he would have turned around.
Ico, open your eyes, but don’t turn around.
Ico opened his eyes. What the? He was surrounded by Gardevoir’s legs, but they were huge, he could just barely see over them.
Surprised? Gardevoir was sitting cross legged with Ico in the middle. She was several times bigger than she was a few seconds ago.
How did you do this? He felt Gardevoir gently touch his face with a massive hand.
That’s not what’s important right now. turn back around and you will see what’s really significant.
Ico turned. With Gardevoir’s hand guiding him, he looked up past her large breasts, into her eyes. His heart jumped and he could feel himself falling in love with her all over again. He put his small hand on Gardevoir’s large one, never breaking eye contact. You are so beautiful
Gardevoir smiled at him. You’re still as sweet as ever. She nudged Ico closer to her body with her free hand.
Ico finally broke eye contact and looked ahead. The sight of Gardevoir’s huge vagina so very close greeted him. Oh my
Do you like what you see Ico?
It’s gorgeous I love it.
Do you understand what I mean now Ico?
Ico was mesmerized by his love’s tender area so close to him. Yes, you want me inside you entirely; to make your womb my new home.
Gardevoir was pleased that Ico understood. Exactly, do you accept my request? Will you give your body to mine?
Ico didn’t even have to think about it. Of course, I would do anything for my love. Let us become one Gardevoir. Ico walked up to the closed vagina and began rubbing the outside. Even with the size change, he was still bigger than the entrance into her body, so this was going to be a tight fit.
Oh, Ico the feel of his touch was getting her excited. Her pussy was leaking the liquid that Ico enjoyed; lubricating the path that Ico would soon travel. Gardevoir straightened out her legs and began panting lightly.
Ico knelled down and pulled Gardevoir’s lower lips open, peering deep inside the Pokon he loved so much. Amazing
Do you need help down there? Gardevoir opened her vagina wide with one hand. The pink walls seemed to beckon Ico inside. Go inside Ico, I’m ready.
Ico grabbed the outside of her vagina. Let’s not rush this. He put his head inside Gardevoir and started licking her from within. The experience was far beyond anything he had ever dreamed of.
Ico! The feeling of the human licking her was almost too much for her to take, she could feel her body warming up from passion. Her hand slipped in her state of arousal, causing the lips to close on Ico’s upper body. Ico! Are you okay? She was worried that she might have injured him.
Being squeezed by her vagina put Ico in a state of bliss that he had never felt before. But he didn’t want Gardevoir to worry about him so he pulled himself out and looked up at her, smiling. I’m fine. He was covered in Gardevoir’s fluid. I’m ready now.
Gardevoir opened herself up again. Then go Ico, enter me.
Anything for my love. Ico put both hands into Gardevoir’s body, causing her to shiver. Ico was very excited now, he started crawling deeper into Gardevoir with greater enthusiasm.
Gardevoir couldn’t even talk she was so stimulated. She let go of her vagina again, this time on purpose. She looked down and could only see Ico’s legs sticking out of her.
Ico kept pulling himself deeper into Gardevoir, eager to be completely devoured by her vagina. The resistance was incredible, her body wasn’t trying to get rid of him, but it certainly wasn’t making it easy. The pathway was so narrow that every advance was very difficult; and the walls would occasionally clench down, rendering him immobile until it released him. After great effort, Ico saw the last trace of light vanish as his love’s entrance closed behind him. He stopped moving to rest for a moment; it was exhausting pulling himself in so far.
Gardevoir became very concerned when Ico stopped moving. Ico! Ico are you okay? Please give me a sign you’re safe! A wave of relief came over her when she felt him wiggle inside, which was quickly replaced by ecstasy. She leaned back and started panting harder than ever.
The vaginal walls were constricting so often that Ico couldn’t go any further, he was quite happy where he was, but he had told Gardevoir that he would get inside her womb and he was determined to keep that promise. Just as the thought crossed his mind he felt the walls close in on him harder than ever, giving him more pleasure than ever as well. But additionally, he was thrust deep into Gardevoir, her vaginal muscles were pulling him in! The feeling of the waves slowly sucking him in was almost more than he could stand.
Gardevoir was on the verge of screaming in delight as she felt the tiny human getting pulled toward her womb. Every inch further he went created a level of excitement that was better than the last. After a few minutes she felt Ico nearing his destination.
Ico felt his hands exit the part of Gardevoir that had been pulling him along, and knew he was almost there. More and more of him was slowly pulled into the comparatively huge area. Eventually his entire body was deposited into the womb, there wasn’t much room, but Ico was comfortable. I made it Gardevoir I am fully inside you. He explored the surface of her womb with his hands. He yawned due to the tiring experience. He was pleased to discover he was able to breathe in here. I need a little sleep now
Ico my Ico She could feel him moving around in her womb, causing her great bliss. I love you my little Ico. The ground around her was soaked from her multiple orgasms that she had had during his trip. This time when he stopped moving, she didn’t panic. You can sleep inside of me, I’m kind of tired myself. We can figure out how to get you out of there tomorrow if you want out at all. Gardevoir laughed quietly and put a hand to her womb.
The two fell asleep, having reached a level of togetherness that was thought to have been impossible. Ico, within the womb of his Pokon love; and Gardevoir, the beauty that held the human inside her body. They knew they would be together for all time, as a couple that found a new plateau that reached beyond lovers.
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Take a glance!

Pokemon Porno Down

Hentai Picture: Take a glance!
Anywhere you take stock of in Pokemon universe you are sure to have sight of papry curple full-blooded spoilers, heavy lath legs, glabrous paunches, whomping chi-chi and dripping orifices willing to shtup! Another fuck-obessed nympho from Pokemon sports an awesome pair of tits to bring to our view and she can never reject any man or boy… Dripping wet Nurse Joy dressed up in only her panties, a wig and stockings takes a deep dicking and swallows jizz…

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