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Pokemon Porn Story: the sleeping pokemon second part

Pokemon Porn Story: the sleeping pokemon second part

I didn’t write this. the author is vashinred


His penis was now begging to be stroked, as he gave into its wish, he found his cloths restricting and took them off. He and Misty now were both Naked.

Ash started by putting his finger in side her organ. Misty’s smile had gone, but came back at this. Ash continued to explore her Vaginal Folds and found them Beautiful. Her Pink Folds were all that made up her hole of pleasure. Pink and more pink. His finger, which was still exploring her folds, then found a wall or sorts. She was a Virgin! This was Ash’s shining moment. He stopped stroking his penis and Misty Pussy and immanently wanted to fuck Misty, who was still somehow asleep. He started to position himself to penetrate her, but thought that he might need a sort of lube…Mistys mouth would do.

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