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Pokemon Porn Story: the secreat life of ash ketchum

Pokemon Porn Story: the secreat life of ash ketchum

Chapter 3 – Pop Quiz

The Pokemon Technical Institute, or Pokemon Tech – Whatever you wanted to call it.

It was a school for Pokemon Trainers who didn’t really want to do any training at all; it was for snobby, rich kids whose parents wanted their child to serve as a status symbol for them.

Ash, Misty, and Brock had once visited this school, and had a bit of a conflict with two of its students – Joe and Giselle. Misty had a heated battle with Giselle using her Starmie, and lost horribly to Giselle’s Graveler. Later in the day, Ash decided to challenge her with Pikachu, and although his electric mouse should’ve had huge trouble against the girl’s Ground-type Cubone, Pikachu came through with flying colors and beat the little dinosaur-like Pokemon so bad that it embarrassed its trainer enough to admit that perhaps a person can’t learn everything at school.

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