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Pokemon Porn Story: Ash and Chasizard

Pokemon Porn Story: Ash and Chasizard

Heres the summery, by Ms. Riddles

Perfecer Oak tries a know pill that would let pokemon talk to humans, but when it seamed not to work, he and Tracey Sketchit fo on a trip to find a berry. Ash is asked to look after the lab for them. And then the fun happens.

Chapter Three: A True Mate.

“Is it ready, Perfecer,” Tracy asked his hero, you was working at the computer.

“Almost Tracy,” Perfecer Oak said as he finished porting the reseach into the computer and pressed a botten off the key board. The michean begane to make spring sounds, and then it popped out a pill within a few minures.

“Will that let pokemon talk to humans?” racey said as he picked up the pill and examend it.

“It should,” Oak said as he got up and walked over to Tracy. He took the pill from Tracy and said, “Have you picked out a test subject yet.”

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